Here at Footiversity I write about – you guessed it! – Football! Currently with myself, Jack, as main writer and editor, I hope to eventually invite guest writers onto the site to add their own opinions. My personal articles will be almost always Premier League based, with a tiny bit of Non-League and international league work on the side.

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I’m Jack and I’m the lead writer and editor of Footiversity. I’m 20 years old and have just entered my second year at Falmouth University studying a BA in Sports Journalism. I love Manchester United, but spend the majority of my time at home standing by my local, non-league side Hungerford Town of which my dad is Chairman! My role as a writer is to produce unbiased, but often opinionated articles with a hint of news on the side, so hopefully my articles won’t be too United centric!

I hope you enjoy the content on the site!

If you would like to contribute to the site, contact me through any of these mediums:

Twitter: @jackwarrick


I hope you enjoy my content!